We associate Venus with the Roman goddess of love, but there are many iterations of this Divine Feminine archetype in other cultures. Channeling Venusian energy can be incredibly empowering as a way to tap into your feminine, as well as cultivate more self-love and a deeper connection to your body. There are so many different ways you can tap into the energy of Venus—it can be as simple as wearing gold jewelry, cooking yourself a nourishing meal in which you savor every bite, or dancing around in your underwear to your favorite song.

Here are some offerings & ways to honor her:

Buy roses, or anything else related, chocolate, Orgasms, Apples, or jewelry. Put on some make up or perfume, make art. Tell yourself you love yourself & treat yourself with kindness! Take a moment to schedule in self care. 


Aphrodite's major symbols include myrtles, roses, doves, sparrows, and swans, seeing 5s 

Here are other ways to know if shes reaching out:

  • When you feel beautiful, magnetic, charming.
  • When you are in love with all things.
  • When you are in the senses and in the sensoriality. When you are not judgmental, but simply in contact with what you are doing.
  • When your body lights up with passion and you make love completely possessed by Aphrodite.
  • When you allow yourself to fully enjoy every sensory experience: when you pet your cat, when you are in contact with the scent of the earth, or stamp your feet on the ground running in the woods after the rain, when you wear a linen suit, or walk fingers on silk.
  • When you allow yourself to receive, expanding the welcome space.
  • When you are in the body and not in the mind.

Best ways to connect with Aphrodite

Connecting with Aphrodite is not hard, but you need to make mindful committed gestures to let her feel you are truly present in the moment and open to connect with her.

Casting beauty spells and performing beauty, love and sex rituals

Simply by focusing on these aspects of your life and using magic to attract, boost or change them for the better, you are going to connect with Aphrodite an let her be part of your journey of discovery, love, and beauty.

Connecting with your femininity

If you feel a bit low and not in tune with your feminine energy, you should take a few steps to reconnect with this important part of yourself, of your life. Spend some time focusing on what you want, live your sexuality from a place of openness and don’t hold yourself back when it comes to love, sex and connecting with your body.



If you already have a Venus altar, clean it. If you don’t have one, during this time is a great chance to create one! An example Venus altar could have —

  • A green or white cloth (paper in a pinch!)
  • One or seven (the number of Venus) white or green or pink candles
  • Seven pennies or a piece of copper (the metal Venus rules)
  • The glyph/ symbol of Venus
  • The planetary square of Venus
  • Agrippa’s seals and symbols of Venus
  • A mirror
  • Diamonds, emeralds, green jade, or rose quartz
  • Incense, perfume, floral essential oils, or flower essences
  • A green pen that you use for writing Venus related sigils or spells
  • A space for offerings. These could be fresh flowers, some honey, wine or a sweet, cool beverage, fresh fruit or juice, or something sugary. I would also advise fresh water, from a natural source is always better if you can get it, but a good magician works with what they have!


None of the information above is my own, it is credited to the original author