Hi Loves! My name is Jessica Gisselle & I'm the creator of House of Venus Los Angeles. I'm 24 & Live in the Los Angeles area. I was born in south central & Now live out my life based in North Hollywood, CA.

I created House of Venus Los Angeles because I was always inspired by fashion growing up. However, coming from a poorer upbringing I was only able to afford items that were donated to my family & I. Fashion played a HUGE role in how I expressed myself growing up, but unfortunately I wasn't always able to express myself the way I always wanted to. Creating House of Venus Los Angeles is a way for me to heal my inner child among other things.

It is inspired by many of the women I saw growing up alongside the fashion of my Latin heritage & BIPOC culture of my community, as well as my personal style that is ever changing. Some women include Raven Baxter, Destiny's Child, Selena & could even go as far as the bratz dolls...all beautiful woman BUT also BIPOC with their own self expression-too ahead in fashion. BIPOC, known for being extravagant in self expression, but never receiving the credit for the trends they create. 

Now our company is made for all types of women and other an emphasis in BIPOC as trend setters; the sexy, the classy & the extravagant. We offer a select amount of clothing that can make any women feel at home in their wardrobe! All our styles are made with durable and amazing material so we can help keep the earth happy just a little longer. 

Most importantly, I have always been inspired by Aphrodite. She's a patron for self care, love, family & more. My company is for Devine feminines that uplift and shower one another with LOVE & KINDNESS. On top of that, I myself am represented by Venus because I am a libra, so changing my company to thank a deity for creating all these wonderful things really inspired me. We choose to Honor Venus because she accepts us loving ourselves.  I am fulfilling my role by expressing myself in both light and dark feminine energy by having sexy and classy fashion accessible through House of Venus Los Angeles. She is all things beautiful like each and every one of my supporters. Alongside this, we have made it our mission to work with BIPOC designers, while being affordable, having quality materials so its less harmful to the planet, uplifting woman, and creating space where we can ALL be sexy AND classy. 



IG | @jessicagissel